Identity Theft Can Kill Your Personal Credit

Like many I experimented with drugs and alcohol as a teen. It was cool to smoke weed before school and I had a fake ID at the age of sixteen. In retrospect even then I drank and used in abundance. Then I started to have kids, went to college, and settled down.

When we studied the National Id structure of other countries of the world, we found that they use different methods for verifying their ID. The most reliable method is adding a checksum digit with the national ID. The checksum digit is generated from the over all ID calculation. By the check digit we can verify the validity of the ID holder.

We need voter registration verification PRIOR to being registered to vote. As it stands now, there is no requirement to have a Social Security number to vote. What kind of people don’t have Social Security numbers? I am guessing most people who are eligible to vote are going to have a social security number.

It is recommended for special occasions or for trying to get picked up at the local corner bar with your full report. It is a bit too youthful for my tastes but girls must find it a fun, flowery and yet sexy fragrance because they are buying it in droves as of this writing.

After a few more corny CMT jokes they presented the buckle for Female Video of the Year to Miranda Lambert for “The House That Built Me.” Lambert was also not in attendance.

On November 19th a dumb criminal tried to rob an ice cream store with a stapler. At first this doesn’t sound that bad. I picture somebody with a stapler in their jacket, pretending that it is a gun. Nope, that’s now how it happened at all. This man actually had the stapler out and threatened to staple somebody.

In the existing system the birth registration ID and National ID are not the same. So it is difficult to remember and carry the two ID and use them for different purposes. So we propose to use the same ID in different purposes. So if the ID is created during the birth registration process then it would be a great advantage.

As she and I aged together, the rift grew wider. Not only was I getting dumber by the hour regarding schoolwork, I couldn’t be relied on for any of the right answers. She would ask to stay out later, or skip a class. When I gave a negative response, I was (a) unfeeling, (b) out of touch with what was going on, (c) not being fair, or (d) all of the above. What was I thinking?

I did hyperventilate before blowing, so maybe that was what saved me: Here’s a site: explaining why I might have passed. Again I don’t condone any of these actions, but that was definitely an Embarrassing Bar Moment. Drink safely, and legally.

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