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Global climate protest: What workers need to pay attention to, if you want to go on strike .

20. September, want to go people in the world for more climate protection on the road. What must take into account employee, if you want to join? Of The Overview. From Franca couch grass more.

Wage dispute: GM employees on strike for better income.

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After years of reluctance, the workers of General Motors are demanding their share of the re-emergence of the Auto giant. The Management, however, is not nearly as generous as the unions would like it to be. more.

Lieferando, Foodora and co.: the delivery service driver demonstrate for better pay.

Work for more than the minimum wage – want to reach the driver of the food delivery services with a protest action in Berlin. The competent trade Union demands fair conditions and warns of job losses. more. [ Forum ]

More restriction: the DGB calls for a permanent Rent control – everywhere.

After long discussions, the Grand coalition has agreed on an extension of the rental price brake. The German Confederation of trade unions, the regulation goes on, however, is still not far enough. more. [ Video | Forum ]

The wage dispute Lufthansa is the trade Union status of UFO court testing .

In continuous dispute with UFO, a court makes the Lufthansa check whether the organization is allowed to operate as a trade Union. In addition, the group intends to reduce the profit participation of the cabin crew dramatically. more.

Plant in Chattanooga: VW’s workers in Tennessee do not want Union representation.

The US auto Union UAW must remain at Volkswagen’s only U.S. plant is still out there. For the second Time in five years, the employee said no. But the choice was again scarce. more.

DGB-Chef Reiner Hoffmann: “The Chancellor Macron, such as a school-boy has treated”

Unions. The German Confederation of

The European Union has done much for the rights of workers, said DGB chief Reiner Hoffmann. In this Interview, he explains why the perception is often different – and criticized the European course of the Chancellor. more.

Meeting in Berlin: Amazon trade unionists from Poland to Pakistan network.

“One of the most important labor struggles of recent history”: the trade Union Alliance UNI provides for the improvement of working conditions at Amazon. In Berlin, employees from more than 15 countries met. more.

Criminal charges against the former Co-chief: intrigue shake powerful flight attendants ‘ Union UFO.

The dispute in the powerful flight attendants ‘ Union UFO escalated. Co-chief Nicoley Baublies reported to criminal charges of embezzlement and fraud against its former Co-Chairman of the analyzer. more.

Armed with Lufthansa: the report strengthens the UFO trade Union chief Baublies.

More than 200,000 euros, calls for the Lufthansa of Nicoley Baublies, the head of the flight attendants ‘ Union UFO. A preliminary report says tinkering with the airline. more.

Infidelity suspected in the case of flight attendants Union: public Prosecutor’s office is investigating UFO-officials.

It goes to the suspicion of infidelity: The Prosecutor against the persons Responsible for the flight attendant Union UFO. There is a fierce fight raging for months. more.

The world economic forum in Davos: What does a trade unionist to the peaks of the bosses?

Mega corporations like Google and Amazon have an increasing impact on our life-world and often create precarious work conditions. In Davos, trade unionist Christy Hoffman wants to make an issue out of it. To listen to the Manager? more.

Study funding: DGB wants to radically rebuild the Bafög.

150 euros more per month, no age limits, no redemption: The German Confederation of trade unions, calls for massive reform of the Bafög – far beyond the current plans of the government. more.

Constitutional court: the Union members may be preferred .

Some collective agreements make a difference between trade unionists and workers who are not a member of a trade Union. That’s right, the decision of the Federal constitutional court. more.

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